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Natalia Vargas

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Natalia Vargas

Growing up in Costa Rica, I’ve always had a love for nature and the outdoors, and have wanted to spend as much time there as possible. This was complemented with an ability with my hands, especially while making art (drawing and painting) which I truly enjoy doing.

Because of this love of art, I took art classes every chance I could from childhood through adulthood.  


I started college by joining medical school, but ended up going a different path. During that time though, I acquired a deeper knowledge of the Human Body and how it functions. Instead of medicine I ended up with a degree in Food Technology.  


Combining that knowledge I acquired from my education, along with my interest in fitness and my passion for nutrition, I looked for ways to integrate these two disciplines to improve health.


For several years, I worked for an adventure travel company, I’ve been involved in jobs within the  hospitality businesses, always in direct contact with customers and meeting people from different parts of the world.


In 2015, I moved to Camano Island, WA., a wonderful town about an hour North of Seattle. Since it has a very strong artist community, I started working as a live drawing model, while working in a couple of fitness studios in the area. I was actively involved with the art community assisting the annual Art Tour.

This exposure, brought me an exciting opportunity to get involved with Cassera Art Galleries (both locations at Stanwood and La Conner), where I hosted gallery openings and worked along side it’s owner Dave Cassera and fellow artists. This experience awoke my love for art in all it’s forms. In addition to the business side of things, I met the most interesting and fascinating people I've ever came across, enriching my life with all their tales, experiences and love for life. 


This life experiences turned my attention into sharing all this as much as possible with art patrons in the US, and in my home country of Costa Rica.  It's a pleasure to share all this creativity that resonates with my human spirit.

Artist Todd Horton of Samish Island, Washington, USA discusses his work with

Natalia at the Cassera Gallery in Stanwood, Washington.

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